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The Next Generation in Petroleum Corrosion Monitoring
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VK Enterprises
VK Enterprises - leading the petroleum corrosion monitoring industry
VK Enterprises offers the full range of products for petroleum corrosion monitoring.

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12V Transfer Pump
The 6012 Power Head, hose and nozzle is a complete system for use with all MICO standpipe assemblies.
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The Next Generation in Petroleum Corrosion Monitoring
VK Enterprises is the leader in the petroleum corrosion monitoring products. All of VK products are high-quality, field tested, and durable. In addition, all our products are engineered to precise standards for accurate readings. We are committed to delivering only the best to our customers. Products include:
  • Corrosion Coupons
    Perfect for monitoring corrosion in your pipeline, our coupons come in many sizes and in a wide range of alloys. All coupons are machine engineered for precise and exact measurements.
  • Coupon Retrievers
    We offer a wide variety of retractable coupon holders and retrievers, compatible with several styles of corrosion coupons. Our retrievers are suited for several different operation pressures and valve sizes.
  • Cultured Media Products
    Ideal for measuring the bacterial count within your system. VK Enterprises offers an extensive selection of cultured media for testing in every system and for every substance. We also have expertise in product and testing application.
  • Transfer Pumps
    The MICO Transfer Pump is designed as a portable liquid transfer system and is ideal for field use. MICO tranfer pumps are light-weight, durable, and easy to operate.
  • And More
    VK Enterprises also offers drill pipe screens, test kits, injector-atomizers, gas detector tubes, and a great selection of other specialty and custom products.
In addition to our extensive line of products, VK Enterprises also accepts custom orders and requests. Quite simply, we deliver the product you need, each with the high-quality guarantee that we place on stock items. Contact Us today for more information.

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