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Coupon Retrievers
Field-tested and engineered for durability
 Coupon Retrievers
Model K-1000-1-SS Coupon Retriever
1000 psi, equipped standard with a 1" MNPT 316 SS body, bleeder valve, retriever rod, SS coupon insulator, and safety chain with handle. View Detail
Model K-300-1 Coupon Retriever
300 psi, equipped standard with a 1" MNPT carbon steel body, bleeder valve, retriever rod, delrin coupon insulator, and safety chain with handle. View Detail
Model K-150-50-SS Coupon Retriever
150 psi, equipped standard with 1/2" MNPT SS body, low pressure packing assembly, retrieving rod with T-handle, and delrin coupon insulator. View Detail
Model K-150-50-SS-V Coupon Retriever
Similar to K-150-50-SS in all other features with added bleeder valve. View Detail
VK Enterprises manufactures several different retractable coupon holders and retrievers. Each designed for systems that need to be monitored while under working pressure. Our coupon holders can be equipped for flat, rod, and washer style coupons.

  • Compatible with all types of corrosion coupons
  • Engineered for several different operating pressures
  • Standard connections sizes & custom-designed
In order to properly equip our customers we prefer to know operating pressure of system, length and diameter of retrieving rod, and type of coupon that will be used.This helps us provide you with the very best tools and measurements for your oil corrosion monitoring needs. The standard connection sizess that are availlable are 1/2",3/4", 1",or 2" NPT. We also offer custom design products that may not be offered on our standard product line to ensure that your requirements are being met.

To learn more about VK Enterprises' coupon retrievers, review our selection of different model types and specifications as listed in the Product Model Menu.

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