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MICO 12V Transfer Pump
Portable Liquid Transfer Pump Corrosion Coupons - manufactured to your specifications
Rugged and lightweight battery powered pumps for mobile and stationary tanks.
The MICO pump is designed specifically as a portable liquid transfer pump. It will add flexibility to your refueling and liquid transfer needs. The powerful 12 VDC motor drives a compact three stage impeller unit which is located at the bottom of the standpipe. This impeller unit, when submerged in the liquid to be transferred, lifts the liquid directly from the bottom of the container. This unique impeller design eliminates waste by allowing for almost 100% recovery of liquid from the container. A 12 VDC battery provides the power source. The pump is designed and built to meet requirements for Class 1, Group D apparatus.

  • Pumps 16gpm at outlet
  • Interchangeable with all MICO standpipe assemblies
  • Instantaneous fuel delivery
  • Ideal for use in multiple standpipe situations
  • 30 minute duty cycle
Delivery of Water in Gallons per Minute
Total Discharge
Head (Water)
0' 5' 10' 15' 20'
G.P.M. 16 12 10.5 9 6

Duty Cycle of 30 minutes running time or approximately 420 gallons of water or gasoline. Prolonged dry running should be avoided.
Fluid Capacity: 16 GPM maximum fluid capacity at outlet.
Light Weight: Complete unit pump weighs 25.lbs. Complete unit pumps consist of power head, standpipe, nozzle holder, hose, nozzle, and battery cable & clips. Power head alone weighs 10.lbs.
Circuit Breaker: A thermal overload protection circuit breaker is provided for the motor. We recommend the use of 30 amp slowblow fuse or circuit breaker (P/N 32-418-015) at the power source to provide cord protection.
Viscosity Capacity: S.A.E. 10 W at 70°F.
Power Consumption: Power consumption at 12 VDC is 324 watts with a corresponding current draw of 27 amps.
Electrical Connections: Electrical Connections  are quick and easy. Simply connect one clip to the positive battery terminal and the other clip to the vehicle ground.
Motor: The motor is a 1/4 H.P. permanent magnet, explosion proof type. It includes permanently lubricated precision ball bearings for armature support. The motor dose not require any lubrication.
Maximum Static Head: 30 ft. (3/4" hose).


- Four lengths are available; 24", 30", 38" and 48". Custom lengths are possible.
- Unique impeller design allows for almost 100% recovery of liquid from container.
- Rotating collar adaptor allows installation without spinning entire pump and hose assembly.

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