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Corrosion Coupons
Manufactured to your specifications Corrosion Coupons - manufactured to your specifications
VK Enterprises, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of Corrosion Coupons.All of our coupons are manufactured from 1018 carbon steel and we also provide coupons from alternative alloys such as Brass, 304/316 SS, copper, etc.

  • All sizes & styles: rod, flat, washer, custom-designed
  • Machine-engineered for accurate readings
  • Standard with VCI bags, envelopes, and computer labels
  • Coupon archive master database for product history
All of our coupons are stamped with identification numbers, polished, weighed, and packaged unless otherwise specified. Coupons are weighed on a analytical scale with tolerences of +/- .0001 grams for the highest degree of accuracy.

To learn more about the VK Enterprises corrosion coupons, contact us today and speak to a customer service representative or request a full product catalog. VK Enterprises also offers a wide variety of coupon retrievers and other great products.

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