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About Us
A Commitment to Our Customers VK Enterprises - great products, great people
VK Enterprises is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and corrosion monitoring products.
VK Enterprises is the leader in petroleum corrosion monitoring. We are leading the industry into the next generation of technology. Coupled with great customer service and products, VK Enterprises is the first choice in petroleum corrosion monitoring.

A background of over twenty years of design-application engineering in the oilfield chemical business has developed a solid foundation for us. Helping to provide the world's industry leaders with not only a broad base product selection, but also immediate custom design, all competitively priced with same day shipment. All of VK Enterprises products are designed to exact specifications for precise and accurate readings. We thank our customers who, since 1983, have made corrosion monitoring equipment synonomous with one name, VK Enterprises.

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