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Test Kits
Testing your system for a variety of elements VK Enterprises offers test kits from all manufacturers.
Test kits for detecting many different elements in your samples.

VK Enterprises offers many test kits that are necessities in the petroleum industry. We offer kits that are manufactured by industry leaders such as Calgon, SANI-CHECK, HACH, and more. Unchecked, bacterial growth in the industrial environment can lead to serious consequences, leading to loss in productivity. High levels of bacteria can exacerbate corrosion, generate foul odors, and assist in slime formation. In addition, they can reduce essential elements in your operating system, such as sulfate.

In addition to testing fluids, the test kits offered by VK Enterprises are also effective at evaluating the sanitary quality of hard surfaces, as well. All of the products are safe and easy to use in the field. Accurately test for the following:
  • Aerobic Bacteria including Pseudomonas, Alcaligenes, and more
  • Anaerobic sulfate reducing bacteria
  • Fungi, yeast, and mold
We offer kits which specialize in the testing of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, iron, manganese, and more. VK Enterprises is your sole provider for quality, accurate test kits. With our industry and product expertise, VK Enterprises can make sure you find the test kits that are ideal for your needs.

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