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Model K-1000-1A38SS
 Model K-1000-1-A38SS
Instrument Information
Operating Pressure: Max 1000PSI
Structure Rating: Max 3000PSI
Temp Rating: 375F
Packing: Teflon
Tubing: 3/8" Hvy Wall
Material: 316 Stainless

VK Enterprises maunfactures a retractable atomizing quill/injector that is designed for systems that are under continious working pressure. The K-1000-1A38SS comes standard with all Stainless Steel material. It is equipped with standard 1"MNPT injection body, packing assembly, bleeder valve, atomizing tip, and gauge/check valve assembly. We offer a wide range of atomizing tips that can be matched specificly to the customers application(pressure/volume). Standard tubing for this injector is 3/8 OD (.065 wall thickness).

We also offer custom design of stanionary injection quills per the customers particular application.

1. Loosen packing nut and position into retriever body.
2. Screw body into existing valve. Standing at one side of unit, grasp at check valve and tee to position atomizer in desired pipe location.
3. Tighten packing nut to seal.
4. Tighten safety clamp. 5. Attach safety chain to hook on tee.

1. Standing at side of unit, grasp at valve and tee, detach safey chain.
2. Loosen safety clamp, slowly loosen packing nut, allowing tubing to position atomizing tip into body.
3. Close valve. Open retriever bleed valve to relieve pressure.
4. Remove unit from valve.

VK Enterprises - Injector-Atomizer - Model K-1000-1a38ss
Injector-Atomizer Model K-1000-1-A38SS

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