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Specialty Equipment
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 Specialty Products
Kenco Drum Gauges
Ideally suited for monitoring the fluids within your drums. Saves money, saves chemicals, and reduces oil corrosion.
Drum Cradles
Made for the 55 gallon drum, VK Enterprises' drum cradles are durable and strong. They are light-weight and easy for transport. View Detail
Sample Bottles
We offer a wide variety of sample bottles to collect fluid samples for analyzation. Perfect for field use and ideally suited for oil, water, and other fluids. View Detail
Centrifuge Equipment
VK Enterprises offers several different types of products used for measuring and testing oil samples. Our centrifuges come in many varieties. We also offer graduated cylinders, centrifuge tubes, and oil thieves. View Detail
VK Enterprises offers the complete package for petroleum corrosion monitoring. Our specialty products include peripheral devices for your operations, including centrifuges, sample bottles, drum cradles, and drum gauges. All of our products come in many different varieties and sizes to ensure that we meet your requirements.

  • Kenco Drum Gauges
  • Drum Cradles
  • Samples Bottles
  • Centrifuge Equipment
In addition to our standard product line, VK Enterprises accepts custom orders from around the globe. We have the industry experience and knowledge to ensure your unique needs are met to your utmost satisfaction. Whether it is an alternate alloy, special size, or additional feature, VK Enterprises can facilitate all of your custom-orders.

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