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BB-AB: API RP38 Sulfate Reducer Media
 BB-AB: API RP38 Sulfate Reducer Media
Media Information
Type: Anerobic
Catalog #: BB-AB
Cap: Green
Media/Change: Clear/Black

API RP38 Sulfate Reducer Media with nail

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This anaerobic formula is the most popular in the industry. The sterile broth is clear and colorless. Positive tests are indicated by the formation of black iron sulfide throughout the vial. Darkening of the nail without further evidence of growth should be counted as a negative test.

The API calls for incubation of up to 28 days, but experience may lead the user to accept results in as little as 7 - 10 days. Darkening of the vial within 2 hours probably indicates the presence of sulfides in the sample (see Thioglycolate Media for help under these conditions).

Maximum recommended shelf life is 6 months under refrigeration for standard salinity of 10,000 ppm as NaCl. Exposure to heat prior to innoculation should be avoided. Salinity can be varied to match sample, but increased salinity can reduce shelf life.

Note: Extreme differences in salinity between sample and media can lower readings of population size.

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