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BB-AC: Acid-Producer Media (APB anaerobic)
 BB-AC: Acid-Producer Media (APB anaerobic)
Media Information
Type: Anaerobic
Catalog #: BB-AC
Cap: Green
Media/Change: Orange/Yellow

Acid-Producer Media with nail

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Sulfate reducers are not the only strains which produce corrosive acids, and may even outnumber the sulfate reducers present. This can lead to corrosion from "unknown" sources because pitting may occur even when SRB's are under control.

Our APB anaerobic media contains a dye, so that positives are easily read on the basis of a color change from orange-red to yello. Turbidity also accompanies growth.

Standard salinity is 10,000ppm as NaCl, but this can be varied to match the water being tested. Shelf life is a maximum of six months if refrigerated, but increased salinity may reduce shelf life. There are 288 test bottles per case.

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