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Cultured Media Products
BB-PG: Postgate Media B with Nail Iron-Salt
 BB-PG: Postgate Media B
Media Information
Type: Anaerobic
Catalog #: BB-PG
Cap: Green
Media/Change: Clear/Black

Postgate B with Nail Iron-Salt

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This formula has proven to be more sensitive to certain straings of sulfate reducers than the conventional API RP38 formula. Our proprietary modifications of Postgate B enhances sensitivity and makes this product even more effective. Two iron sources are included, rather than the usual one.

Grayish-white solids are present in the sterile-product, but rapidly settle to leave a clear, colorless broth. A positive test is recorded when significant blackening of the bottle occurs. Normal NaCl content is 10,000ppm, but this can be varied to match the sample.

This product also offers the usual feature of producing a wine-colored broth if oxygen is introduced during inoculation. They come 288 bottles per case standard.

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